Our Missions


Kenton Wood

In 1985 the Woods joined the church-planting team in Acapulco and during the next 10 years they started a church among the city’s professionals. In 1997, they were called to Guadalajara to begin a new work. As of 2013, the Woods had helped establish a mother church and six daughter churches.

In September of 2012 the Lord called Karen home after a four-year battle with cancer. Kenton, along with his national team, continues to plant more churches in the city.


The Conroys

Dennis prepares Scripture translations of minority languages for publishing in the Philippines . As translators complete portions of Scripture, the computer files are passed along to Dennis, who runs numerous checks on the text and prepares the manuscript for printing. In 2010 Dennis began typesetting for digital media, providing electronic accessibility to Bibles for minority languages. Dennis is also involved in digital archiving of newly translated Bibles so that they will be more widely available for years to come.

Rhonda believes that her primary call is as wife and mother. She uses her teaching background with their four children, and also in the broader missionary community.

200_PICT0220The Ponamarevs

After completing their M.Div. And M.A. in Missions degrees at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1996, Alex and Irinia were called to serve with Russian Language Ministries in Columbia, SC. For five years they were deeply involved in training American missionaries preparing to serve among Russian speakers. They also began a direct Outreach to Slavic  peoples in Columbia, SC and in the former Soviet Union.

In January of 2002, developing their vision to reach Russian speakers in America and overseas, they initiated a new ministry—MOST. MOST is the Russian word for “bridge” and this acronym stands for “ministry of Outreach to Slavic Tribes”. Alex and Irina pray that the Lord will use them as human bridges of His love to Slavic peoples in Columbia, SC America, and overseas. In addition to direct outreach, they are aiding missions agencies and churches to effectively disciple Russian speaking people in the former Soviet Union and elsewhere.


The McNeills

On the field in Uganda since 2003, Don focuses his efforts on theological education, writing textbooks, and facilitating new study centers while Fran serves as librarian, administrative secretary, and hostess for everyone pursuing studies at Christ’s Community.

Other Missions We Support

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